Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheap Trills: Right on Target

I must admit, I could spend hours browsing the never-ending rows of creams and lipsticks at Sephora. I adore getting lost in the designer boutiques at Saks. And there is something quite magical about walking into Christian Louboutin to gush over the array of gorgeous shoes. For all of us searching for anything new or just plain stunning, these glamourous places never seem to let us down.

We might drive miles to spend hours (not to mention paychecks) at our favorite designer hot spots, however there is a place just around the corner that might hold as much wonder for a shopper trying to find something not so wearing on the pocketbook.

Target might not be as chic at first glance, but it sure can make my day! These are some fun beauty products I picked up one Sunday afternoon after my pedicure.

NP SET Liquid Veil Makeup in Moscow: $14


Pixi Energy Blush with Highlighter in Pick-Me-Up Pink: $21


JK Jemma Kidd Air Kiss Shine Lipgloss in Hot Spot: $16


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  1. I love target. And im glad to have a fellow target lover as well. Makeup = mt current obsession!
    xoxo taylor


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